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Bobbing Church
History Timeline

  • 1100

    Origins of a church on the hill
    The first church in the village of bobbing would most likely have been a chapel built in the 1100s for the Savage family who also built the medieval Bobbing Court of which the ruins are only just down the round from the church. It is likely this was a family chapel, many of the later members of the family are buried in the church. Early evidence for Bobbing church comes from a record of a tithe being paid to the prioress of Minster Priory in Sheppey in 1186.
  • 1200

    The North Isle
    The oldest part of the church standing today is believed to be the north isle, in which the organ, toilet and hospitality area is now situated. It is thought that this was built between 1216 and 1230 as part of the building and re-building of many churches and cathedrals commissioned by King Henry III. In 1234 King Henry III gave the church and its tithes over to the Priory at Minster.
  • 1300

    The Nave and Chancel
    The main part of the church as it stands now was likely to have been added in the 14th Century. The south wall of the original church was converted into pillars and arches and it is thought all of the windows were replaced at this time.
  • 1400

  • 1500

    Bobbing Church of England School
    The school which was built in 1540 in the village was operated until 1835 and run by some of the ministers at the church such as Rev Franciscus Reynoldes who was village schoolmaster between 1607 and 1628. The School which now stands next door to the church was built in 1869 but has undergone significant expansion since this time.
  • 1600

    Titus Oates
    Titus Oates was made priest of Bobbing Church in 1673. He did not remain in his post very long as he resigned after just six months for dishonesty and drunkenness. He moved to a church in Hastings but was later imprisoned before escaping and becoming a chaplain upon a ship. Bobbing Church records state that "Our minister is gone to sea". Titus Oates would later, in 1678, produce a conspiracy theory that the pope wanted to kill King Charles II and abolish the protestant church. He was arrested and imprisoned for perjury.
  • 1700

  • 1800

    R. C. Hussey and Victorian Influence
    In 1863 the Victorian architect undertook work on the church that was described a non-essential however the work conducted is not well documented. The work known to be conducted was the addition of the red and black tiling throughout, repairs to the pillars and uncovering of a carving of a French monk commissioning a deacon which had been hidden for many years before. Other additions were the current pews, the wooden reredos behind the altar table and other general repairs were carried out at this time.
  • 1900

    Grade 1 listing

    The building has Grade I listed status since 24 January 1967, more information about the churches listing can be found on the British Listed Buildings website

    Joining with Holy Trinity Sittingbourne

    On the 31st July 1984, the Queen agreed that Bobbing Church would move from being grouped with Iwade to be joined with Holy Trinity Sittingbourne. The two churches have been joined ever since.

  • 2000

    2004 Roof Repairs

    In 2004 the church was closed for an extended period of time to do major repairs throughout the church. The roof was rebuilt, the carpets in the isles were removed and the walls refaced throughout.

    2016 Installing a toilet and kitchen

    In 2016 work was completed to remove the pews from the north isle and replace them with a brand new toilet, kitchen and hospitality area. The flexible space allows for the church to be used for many different events and provide safe and convenient access to a disabled friendly toilet at our services and events.